Where are you moving to?

Home is where the heart is …even if you can’t remember which box you packed it in.

Moving Checklist and Tips

Moving is not commonly known as a super fun time, especially in an urban setting with traffic. A key to make this transition easier is to have a moving checklist. Here is an example checklist to help you make your move smooth regardless if you are moving into a house, condo, or an apartment.

Moving Checklist:

Organize (Keep/Throw Away). You need to decide what to keep and what to get rid of based on your new home. Consider donating unused items, selling, or even gifting to friends and family. You may need to purge excess items in preparation for your move, and this will save you valuable time when packing especially if you are  moving from a house to a condo/apartment. You will also want to take measurements of your furniture and appliances to make sure your new space can accommodate them.

Book an elevator.  If you are moving into or out of an apartment, you should book this well in advance as many people tend to move in and out during certain times of the month. There is usually a deposit required, and a time limit on the use of the elevator, so plan accordingly!

Get moving quotes online. You should get quotes from several moving companies before deciding on one. Check online for reviews (watch out for fake reviews!) and make sure to keep valuables like cash, jewelry and items that are of importance with you.

Save your receipts. You will be able to deduct some of the moving expenses from your taxes so be sure keep all receipts. You may be in for a bonus when you file your taxes!

Address change. Contact all health institutions (dentist, doctor, veterinarian etc),schools and/or daycare. Also, cancel or change any subscriptions, change postal address, utilities. Notify your work, bank as well as family and friends (if you want to); Schedule mail forwarding service with Canada Post. Canada Post will automatically forward mail to your home for six months and up to a year. Here is a link to the sign-up form:

Click here for COA link

When changing the address for your cable and internet, you may also want to take this time to explore the cable and internet options for your new place. A lot of condos have a move in deals so you may be able to save a dollar or two.

The joys of packing  Use colours when marking moving boxes. Designatea specific colour for each room such as black for the kitchen and green for the living room. This will make organizing much easier. It is also advisable to make an inventory list so you can be confident that nothing has been forgotten (unless you want it to be, oops!) Pro-tip: Determine what you will need easy access to the day of the move. Separate some essentials such as cleaning products to give your place a quick clean after the movers are done. You can also easily get rid of the dust and grime that comes with moving into a new place and when all is said and done you can sit back, open a bottle of wine and unwind!

We hope these tips will help you with your upcoming move so you can spend less energy on moving and more time enjoying your new home!

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