Its time to show off your home and your decorating skills

With numerous holidays ahead, sporting events, birthdays and etc., we have lot to look forward to as the year rolls on. Instead of being plastered to your couch re- watching episodes of Friends by yourself, this should be a time for family and friends getting together, enjoying each other’s company with laughter over food and drinks. For those living in condos, you should take advantage of your building’s amenities and common spaces.  But keep in mind there are rules in place for renters such as  noise levels after a certain time and responsibilities related to damages to a property. It’s great to open doors to friends and family to your new home but don’t forget you share your building with your neighbours as well.

Know your building

With so many amenities condos can now provide, don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know exactly what your building has and how they can be used. Get in the know! Speak with the condo’s front desk to learn all your building has to offer. You may be surprised to find out that the area of the building you’ve never set eyes upon has a state-of-the-art cinema room for suitable for an awesome Spiderman movie night or even a dining room that you can use to host an amazing dinner party for you and your (selected) family and friends. Once you learn about these wonderful spaces of your building, you can gather ideas for great uses of these amenities.

Know the rules!

Who doesn’t want to have a awesome time, but you need to find out and learn all the rules to  stay out of hot water. These may include a limit on the number of people you are allowed to have over, the length and time restrictions on usage and your responsibilities to the space during and after use. Front desk will be your go-to for these rules. The things you will want to discuss prior to the use of the space are potential deposits in case of damage, and alcohol policy. The building should have a party room agreement in place, so make sure you read this carefully. Once the rules are established and understood, it’s party time!

Book in advance

Don’t wait to the last minute to book! Especially in a larger building, there’s likely to be at least one neighbour who will have a reason for use of a common amenity that night. In planning your big party, be sure to get that reservation in nice and early.

Be creative

Don’t be limited by amenities. You can put your thinking cap on and add to these spaces with some creativity. It may be an option to bring an Xbox game console to the media room and have an epic gamer party, or spice up your dining room party by bringing in fancy dinnerware to go with your elegant shindig. Use your common areas as a base for your party, and then let your imagination guide you. You can buy/rent lavish decorations or bring in a few games to liven up the party as long as the room stays damage/mess free. Do the most with what you have and throw a party that your friends and family will remember!

The food, that’s what it’s all about!

Because it’s not a party unless there’s a cheese board! Simplicity is key when it comes to food at a party. Make a few dishes, like a main course or maybe a side and just buy and assemble the rest. Everything looks fancy if you place it in fine china. Yes, that applies to fried chicken! Appetizers are a must, even if you’re not hosting a dinner party because most guests will arrive hungry, especially if they had a busy day or after they start having a couple drinks. You can create an entire spread with crackers, cheese, fruit, and olives! Remember this is just something for everyone to snack on to hold them over. Think of it as a little happy hour!

Create a playlist

Create a playlist or use an app like Spotify or Apple Music and pick a theme or genre for the party. You don’t need a fancy system, just a regular bluetooth speaker connected to your phone or iPod works great!

Also, be mindful of the noise restrictions in your neighborhood. If you plan to have a raging party and cut off time in your city is 10:00pm, make sure you remember to turn down the noise to avoid a knock on your door from the police or your concierge.

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